CARRÉ 644 

Private screening in Paris December 10. 2018 - In London January 19 - 2019 - London January 27. 2020

Written and directed by

Azize Kabouche

Co author

Karina Beuthe Orr

With : Azize Kabouche  Karina Beuthe Orr  Lounes Tazaïrt  Tassadit Mandi
Abbès Zahmani  Mounir Margoum  Emma Kabouche  Xavier Maly

Produced by 

Jean Bréhat 3B Productions - Plaisanterie Privée  

With the participation of 

French CNC Images of diversity - ADAMI - TAC Group

Director of Photography

Raphaëlle Gosse-Gardet 

Music composed by

Anna Leigh Fisher 


Making a film is planning an illusion in every detail. It's the reflection of reality but as life flows it appears to me more and more illusory... 

 Ingmar Bergman


On the very same day.

Wassim is diagnosed a possible brain tumor, and his mother is about to die.

In a split of a moment, forces shift into Wassim's world.

Having to look for a place to bury his mother, he goes from cemetery to funeral home, death shadowing him.

He realises he hasn't got a clue about her last wishes.

Where does she want to rest ? In France ? Or in Algeria ?


Waiting for

International Short Film Week Regensburg                          2019

Brussels Short Film Festival                                                    2019

Mecal Barcelona International Short Film Festival               2019

Human Rights Film Festival of Donostia / San Sebastian    2019

Corti da Sogni Antonio Ricci - Short Film Festival                2019

Busan International Short Film Festival                                 2019

Sapporo International Short Film Festival & Market             2019